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MCPK7810 Thermal Printer Kit

MCPK7810 Thermal Printer Kit

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Included in this thermal printer kit you will receive:-
  • MCP7810 RS232 NiMH thermal printer
  • GC65 multi head 9V 1.0A charger with 1 x UK, 1 x US and 1 x Euro head
  • GK20 serial cable RJ/D9
  • 1 x GP01 thermal paper roll for use with your printer
  • 4 x AA Batteries included
  • User guide
The key features of the MCPK7810 are:-
  • Easy load paper feature
  • RS232 Interface
  • Rechargeable NiMH, AA Batteries
  • Recharge from mains or 12V vehicle supply
  • Paper and label printing capability
  • High speed, high resolution printing
  • Quiet, non-impact system
  • Maintenance free
  • Ultra-compact and light weight
  • High reliability line head mechanism
  • Versatile for use with text or graphics
  • 24, 32 or 48 characters per line
  • Barcode capability
  • Low power mode
  • Range of configurable options
  • Windows drivers

Printer Specifications
Average printing speed 10 lines per second (max)
Dimensions 85.5mm x 150mm x 55mm
Weight Approx. 400 grams Inc. batteries and paper roll
Internal power supply 4 x 1.2V NiMH 1600mAH, AA Cells
Paper width 58mm
Paper length 25m (std printer)
Operating range 0̊C to +50̊C
Storage range -20̊C to +60̊C
Charge range +10̊C to +45̊C
Character set ASCII
Country Codes USA, France, Germany, UK, Denmark I/II, Sweden, Italy, Spain & Japan
Data Format RS232C (8 Data, 1 Stop, No Parity)
Connector 6-way RJ12 socket
Baud Rates 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
Handshaking Hardware (CTS line) or software (XON/XOFF)
Buffer size 5 Kbytes
MTBF Approx. 10 million lines (20̊C, print ratio = 25%)

Please note serial numbers may vary from the ones shown in the photos.